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Half Moon Bettas are one of the prettiest freshwater fish you can put in your aquarium. This type of Betta features a variety of bright colors and a tail in the shape of a half moon. They should be taken care of like other Betta fish. **Please note, these fish have color variations, and the photo shown is only a representation of one possible variation and not the actual fish.

Luffy 4 Giant Marimo Betta Balls (1.5”) - Biological, Natural, Chemical-Free Filter System - Removes Nitrates - Beautiful way to keep Betta and Aquarium Plants Healthy - Easy maintenance by Luffy

  • ✔ 100% SAFE TOY FOR YOUR BETTA --- Bettas love to move stuff around...
  • ✔ KEEP YOUR BETTA'S HOME ALGAE-FREE --- Since LUFFY Betta Balls...
  • ✔ NATURAL BETTA TANK CLEANER --- Although commonly referred to as a...


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What is a giant marimo moss ball?
Three times larger than the nano, the Luffy Giant Marimo Moss Balls have already aged about seven years and reached sizes of between 1.5"-2.0" (4-5cm) before it arrives at your home. This rare, organically spherical aquatic plant is actually an algae, not moss, and has a natural habitat rolling around on the bottom of freshwater lakes. With ideal conditions, these exotic plants can live for up to an impressive 100 years.

How does marimo filter my aquarium water?
Fish and other marine life produce ammonia when they excrete their waste and over time this ammonia and other pollutants like nitrates and phosphates build up in the water and cause stress to the fish and nitrate poisoning. Luffy Giant Marimo Moss Balls act as biological filters that suck up the debris and other unwanted chemical compounds in the water. If you have enough marimos in the tank, they make a complete water cycle naturally. So you can go months WITHOUT ANY WATER CHANGE and the ammonia and nitrite levels will still be in control and your fish and aquatic pets will still be healthy.

What other benefits are there to use marimos?
Like other plants, marimo moss balls absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. Also, because marimo is an algae, it prevents other excess algae from growing in your fish tank by absorbing all the nutrients that these intruders need to survive. By growing marimo in your tank, can naturally maintain healthy ammonia and nitrate levels for months without any water change saving you time and energy.

What do I do when my marimo first arrives?
As your Luffy Giant Marimo Moss Balls have traveled a long distance to reach you, give them a quick rinse before placing them into your tank or aquarium.