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SAVING OUR WILD ANIMALS: LAND ANIMALS National Geographic filmstrip/ tape /guide

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SAVING OUT WILD ANIMALS: LAND ANIMALS:  filmstrip /   cassette tape / guide by National Geographic 1978. 

explains why some kinds of land animals are in danger of extinction; emphasizes the gravest threat to most land animals is destruction of their habitats; gives examples of endangered animals and indicates what is being done to help protect them; shows scientists at work tracking and studying land animals

    More filmstrips  as I have time to preview for condition and content. There was a wealth of knowledge and skillful teaching in this media. Much has been discarded permanently. Filmstrips were VERY expensive to the schools. Don't know what this set cost, but I have seen 2 filmstrip National Geographic sets priced at nearly $80!!! and a 1 filmstrip set at $85! Today's educational bargain & worthy to be preserved & used. 

    Read a book on the subject & learned much. Filmstrips originated in th 20's; came into wide favor during WWII where they proved themselves as wonderful teachers. The formula became " a 20 minute filmstrip equals 2 hrs of good lecture." Another important quote "When you look at a motion are always interested in what comes next. Because of this anticipation, I think that the viewer can never really absorb fully the content of the picture on the screen. But a still picture allows and encourages a student to concentrate on what he sees. Instructional pictures, projected one frame at a time, allow even the slow learners to perceive more clearly the import of a film."(by early leader of SVE when deciding to pursue this media).That was before the addition of sound!! Filmstrips came AFTER movies as a BETTER way to teach!!

 Please see my other listings - books, filmstrips . Media mail and I am always happy to combine shipping.

I have an ebay store. See it as I load the "shelves" with science, history, fiction, children's, geography and Texana books  . You will be able to search by key word and browse by category. . All has been either read or previewed for content. The store should be a time-saver for me and a convenience for you. 

     NOTE! I sell nearly all school surplus items. My  bad comments have come from book "collectors". I guess I am a book user! Expect to see library marks. I clean a lot of them off, but my interest is in the content , basic neatness, sturdiness. As a good ebayer, always read descriptions thoroughly and ask questions rather than assume, then blame the  seller. Ebay should be fun!!

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