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bald headed princess cancer chemo and courage

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NEW What is a girl with cancer to do? Will her friends still want to hang out with her now that she has cancer? Can she play soccer? How will she deal with being out of school? How will she manage homework from home and the hospital? Can she please get back to a normal life? A life with hair and without chemo? Discover with Isabel that having cancer doesn't have to change who she is: a budding teenager and an awesome soccer princess. Her strength and courage, and fabulous sense of humor, helps carry her though it all. Maribeth Ditmars lives in Sarasota, Florida, and is an elementary school teacher. Her son, Christopher, died of leukemia in 2001. Since then, Maribeth, together with her family, Bob, Jarrod, and Erin, speaks in memory of Christopher and fundraises for cancer treatment and to support affected families everywhere. Ages 8-13. 96 pages. 2010.