Fundraising Humor

From John Dewey to Lily Tomlin, the quotes of wisdom and humor are ideal for speeches to the community, school board, fundraisers, and staff. They help frame presentations, letters, and other communications so both administrators and audiences can see old problems in a new light. Features Sub-Title - Quotations for Leading, Learning, and Living. Authored - Noah benShea. Author Affiliation - Noah benShea is one of North America€™s most respected and beloved poet-philosophers. An international, best selling author of 22 books translated into 18 languages, Noah€™s work is embraced by millions. Binding - Hardcover. Pages - 160. Language - English. Publication Date - 27-Jan-00 Primary Subject Code - Principalship - CA6. Item Weight - 13 oz. About the AuthorNoah benShea is one of North America's most respected and beloved poet-philosophers, and a source of strength to millions around the world. He is the international best selling author of 20 books translated into 18 languages, including the famed Jacob the Baker series.