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Reduce the heat and the suns glare and rays where ever you are working or relaxing, with the new multi-purpose trap. Whether you're looking to shade the koi pond in your back yard or need a heavy duty construction tarp to shade and minimize dust, these shade nets are the best! This multipurpose tarp is perfect for whatever you're interested in, works to cool and reduce the suns heat and rays. This multipurpose tarp works great for construction sites, baseball dugouts, RV awnings, patios, cover your canopy, greenhouses, pools, or anything you want to add some extra shade to. This tarp/shade net will also add some extra privacy to your patio turning it into a room of its own. Protect your plants with this shade tarp; cover any garden, nursery, or greenhouse. This tarp is equipped with four grommet holes at each corner and one every 12 inches after that. This tarp will block up to 80% of the sun's harmful rays. This tarp is made of 100% woven polyester with durable vinyl coating, with heavy duty grommets built in for superior durability. All of our tarps have double stitching around all four sides to ensure long lasting durability Features & Specifications 10' X 10' for maximum coverage Heavy duty double stitched perimeter manufactured to last Used by professionals for everything from Koi Ponds and Plant Nurseries to Construction Sites Blocks the sun but not your view Ideal for greenhouse, agriculture and horticulture 75-80% shade rate Heavy duty grommets built in on all for corners and every 12 inches for superior durability Made of 100% woven polyester with durable vinyl coating Grommet holes every 12inches UV stabilizer helps Protect your patio furniture Multi-purpose uses means these tarps are great for everything from plant nurseries to sports events Protect your pets cage with a shaded roof.