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Red Gingham Checkered 12 Pack Premium Disposable Plastic Tablecloth 54 Inch. x 108 Inch. Rectangle Table Cover By Dluxware by Dluxware

  • EASY CLEAN UP: These tablecloths are great at picking up any messy...
  • PERFECT FIT: 54" x 108" - covers any table up to 8 ft.
  • QUANTITY PACKAGES: Save money by choosing a larger sized package....


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Product Description

When you want to entertain in a pinch, quick & easy to use party accessories are a must to have on hand.

Get the party start in a flash with Dluxware plastic disposable tablecovers!

About This Product:
Dimensions: 54" X 108"
Rectangle Tablecover
Material: Plastic
Available In 30 Different Colors & Sizes

Keeping colorful, festive and conveniently disposable accessories on hand can make all the difference for those who want to throw a festive gathering on a budget. Our plastic party tablecloths let you do just and are perfect for just about any occasion. Use them to protect and decorate your tables at:
Graduation Parties
Baby Showers
Holiday Parties
Barbecues & Cookouts
Catered Affairs

Ideal for covering buffet tables, this plastic tablecloth is also a great way to avoid hours of clean up after messy arts and crafts or painting projects! Available in a variety of colors and styles, you have a wide range of options to choose from to suit one that matches your specific needs!

Our tablecloths are available in:

Red & White Gingham Checkered
Blue & White Gingham Checkered
Sky Blue
Hot Pink
Lime Green
Dark Green
Light Grey
Dark Grey

Three size packages:

- 1 Pack
- 6 Pack
- 12 Pack

You never know when a cause for celebration will arise. That’s why our tablecloths are a great accessory to have on hand so you’re always party ready!

Pack of 4 Plastic Red and White Checkered Tablecloths - 4 Pack - Picnic Table Covers by Oojami

  • 4 ~ Plastic Red and White Checkered Tablecloths ~ New in sealed...
  • 54" x 108"
  • A great way to fight off stains, spills and drink rings at a party...


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Product Description

Pack of 4 ~ Plastic Red and White Checkered Tablecloths ~ New in sealed package. Individually wrapped.

Checkered Victuals Linens

TableclothsForLess. com - Checkered plain linens, see the hottest styles and colors for catering events this year in our checkered table linens vid.

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Monster Jam 3D Plastic Party Tablecover

Line your table with the tire tracks of a successful party! This plastic, officially licensed Monster Jam 3D Tablecloth is a quick way to roll up on some fun and provide an easy cleanup for everyone involved! This tablecloth will match the theme of your monster truck party theme, and prevent unavoidable accidents from small hands staining your furniture. The plastic HDPE material has bright splashes of color from the officially licensed Monster Jam logo, along with a black-and-white checkered design to replicate the finishing flag at a speedway. Your child will love seeing their gifts, food or cake piled on top of this tablecloth, which they can also help set up. This would be a great task for your little helper on their special day, and make them feel like they are not only enjoying, but also helping to plan and organize an awesome party! Includes: Includes: Monster Jam 3D Plastic Tablecloth. Materials: Plastic HDPE. Follow the tracks! Between gifts, food, drinks and cake, your child's party will need a stylish way to decorate tables and clean up after a long day's event. This plastic 3D printed table cover will cleverly cover any existing long table to fit the theme of your child's Monster Jam party. This officially licensed Monster Jam product will create a unique party experience filled with adventure, laughter and big rig fun! is the perfect place to find all of your licensed Monster Jam party supplies for the most truckin' fun party ever! These fun and popular party supplies are sure to make your next party a hit! Find the trendiest party supplies around, including the latest and greatest in licensed characters. Whether you are throwing your child the best party around, or putting together an event for adults, we are sure to have everything you need to have fun!


Amscan 77216 Roll of Red & White Checkered Table Cover Rolls 40 in. x 100 ft. - 1 Pack by

For large gatherings and extra-long tables, our Red Gingham Plastic Table Cover Roll gives you the coverage that pre-cut tablecloths cannot. Roll it out and trim it to fit, the impermeable vinyl protects furniture from spills and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Features Type - Table Cover Roll Color - Red Size - 40 in. x 100 ft. Dimension - 2.2 x 2.2 x 40 in. Item Weight - 3.15 lbs.


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@YDWWYW #dogs Plastic checkered 4th of July tablecloths from village hardware stores work great as vehicle deck/seat covers & are Cheap ! 03/11/15, @petparentnews


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  • Friends give up themselves to finding Columbia’s best breakfast restaurants

    The tables were covered by rural gingham tablecloths in easy-wipe plastic. Occasionally, someone walked by on the sidewalk, just beyond the picture window where Dixon and Noble were eating and talking. A guy in a flotilla insulated jacket hopped out of a van ...

  • This Is How You Conquer It on Date Night, Sartorially Speaking

    02/05/15 ,via Bloomberg

    I reminisce over it matched the sun-kissed skin on his nose and accentuated his toothy, expectations-laden grin (as well as the red-and-white checkered tablecloth and ruby red plastic tumblers of the pizza job). Some 15 years (and 10 Valentine’s dates or so ...

  • After 29 years, it’s latest call for musician Pete Papageorge at Kelly’s Irish Times

    12/19/14 ,via Washington Post

    The tablecloths are made of the same fresh-and-white checkered plastic that was used in your summer-camp dining hall. The top rack of the liquor shelf is devoted entirely to bottles of Jameson. Its patrons, too, endure consistent, in type if not in name ...

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