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P&P Chenille European Style Round Tablecloth Home Dining Table Cloth Round Tea Cloth Khaki , 180cm , Khaki by XU

  • Name: Tablecloth Material: Chenille
  • This Product Contains Only Tablecloths
  • Size: 140cm Round 180cm Round


Product Description

Name: Tablecloth
Material: Chenille
Color: Khaki
Size: 140cm Round 180cm Round
Weight: 980g
Style: European Style
Applicable Scene: Home Restaurant Living Room Hotel
This Product Contains Only Tablecloths

Thick chenille european style tablecloth jacquard round rectangular table covers furniture cover cloth-C 150x210cm(59x83inch) by Ren&Yang

  • Material:Chenille
  • You can contact us if you have any problem.
  • Hand wash best,below 30?,medium temperature ironing.


Product Description

Material: Other Jother
Specific Specification: 90 90cm 130 130 150 Custom Contact Customer ServiceIt is suitable for dinner table,coffee table,book desk,storage table etc,indoor,or picnic outdoor.
It can protect your table,and it is not only a great idea to decorate your table but also a great gift for a cherished someone.

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Unravelling a Recital

OK, how multitudinous of us have ever pulled a loose thread. You know, the one at the edge of a tablecloth, or in the hob-nail pattern on a cotton bedspread (chenille especially). The one our parents told us not to touch. Or the one that suddenly appeared on the hem of a undershorts cuff of skirt, or on a sweater. Yeah, just hanging there, one little loose thread. Why not pull it. Nothing’s going to happen, right. I just heard a half-dozen people groaning because you recollect exactly what’s going to happen. The great unravelling ensues, as the pattern on the bedspread disappears, the skirt hem drops, or half the sweater cuff disappears, leaving you with a big piece of yarn and a desperate need for someone else to blame. Those of us who pull at strings just can’t leave well enough alone. And It’s not just sweaters that get unravelled. Other people’s stories come at a distance as we pull at a plot thread. Colombo being one of the classic examples). “There I was” accounts taper off when we walk up to the bar for a refill, because we’ve been known to unravel those, too. And sometimes we inadvertently, or with malice aforethought, revenue narratives apart. The senior minister at the house of worship I currently attend pulled a narrative string apart a few weeks ago. It seems that the US Dignified Department’s insistence that 1) people who call themselves Islamist are not, in fact, followers of Islam and 2) that no one is targeting Christians and Jews for murder because of their/our beliefs were too much for him. So after the issue (Nehemiah 5), he pulled that string. Forget Islamophobia, quit saying that men who specifically target Jewish delis and announce of social media that they are wealthy to kill Jews were, in fact, not out to specifically kill Jews. Call things by their proper name and do what you can to say “no more. ” He could no longer tolerate that loose twine hanging from the US government’s narrative and he pulled it. And when he did, the narrative of “Islamists are not motivated by Islam” unravelled. To my knowledge there are a handful of us at this place of worship that have been following the situation in the Middle East, Pakistan, and other places since 2001 and who are overfamiliar with all the major players currently active. But there are also a large number of people who lost any unalloyed trust in the federal government’s pronouncements some time ago, for varying reasons. But even the borderline stateists look for wary eyes on the federal government when it comes to grand, sweeping pronouncements about what other people think and believe. Someone had finally said it. Someone had said what a ample number of us were thinking. And it is OK to stand up and do what ever you can to help those who are fighting back against evil and terrorism. You can only leave so many threads dangling before something bad happens to the make-up. Even without people pulling on the string that is waving oh-so-temptingly in the little breeze. And the Narrative about Islamists not following Islam, and not being Moslem, is falling apart. Threads are working perverted despite all the best efforts to smack any hands that dare to reach out and pull the string. As a historian, a chunk of what I do is pick at threads. I found a couple in a textbook that left side me aching to yank them out, in front of the students, and unravel the Narrative of the racist, imperialist, greedy US taking over Hawaii and the Philippines because it was a white-man thing to do. Because... OK, so there was a speck problem with the British and Germans threatening certain South American countries and the US stepping in to chase them away. Nary a mention about culture, nothing about why people might have meditating that having our own filling stations in the Pacific were important for trade, or about the Moslem rebellion in the Philippines. I wanted to grab that string and yank. And the stuff about the American West and the South in the aeon 1870-1900. Grrrrr. I caught some errors of fact and a strong anti-Anglo-American Narrative. Nothing about how they moved out as soon as they could afford to, or how the “reforms” after Jacob Riis’s lyrics came out left so many people homeless and in other cases. Source: Cat Rotator's Quarterly


Tablecloth Elephant Theme Runner Wall Hanging Home Decor SofaTapestry Chenille 03/11/15, @specialreviewy
Tablecloth Elephant Decoration Runner Wall Hanging Home Decor SofaTapestry Chenille 03/11/15, @specialdealA
Tablecloth Elephant Device Runner Wall Hanging Home Decor SofaTapestry Chenille 03/11/15, @niceauctionsW


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Chenille Tablecloths & Napkins

Buy usage tablecloths, napkins, chair covers, table runners direct from our factory. You can also purchase table protectors, towels, pvc wipe-clean, and placemats.

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Amy Butler, Superior Bedsheet, Table Cloth Patchwork Rag Quilt
Amy Butler, Superior Bedsheet, Table Cloth Patchwork Rag Quilt
At one's fingertips:
Photo by Nesha's Vintage Niche on Flickr
Chenille tablecloths
Chenille tablecloths
Beamish - The Living Museum of the North Stanley, County Durham, England, UK
Photo by Leo Reynolds on Flickr
Amy Butler, Choice Bedsheet, Table Cloth Patchwork Rag Quilt
Amy Butler, Choice Bedsheet, Table Cloth Patchwork Rag Quilt
To hand:
Photo by Nesha's Vintage Niche on Flickr
Chenille Tablecloth
Chenille Tablecloth
year Large chenille tablecloth
year Large chenille tablecloth
Chenille Tablecloth
Chenille Tablecloth