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Party Bargains Disposable Table Cover | Classic White Paper 3 Ply Premium & Elegant Plastic Table Covers - Size 54" X 108" | Pack of 5 by Party Bargains

  • 100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We also offer you 100%...
  • HASSLE-FREE CLEANING - Cleaning a table is always a tedious and...
  • ELEGANT APPEARANCE - Party Bargains 2 ply paper and 1 ply plastic...


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Product Description

Party Bargains 3-Ply Disposable Paper/Plastic Tablecover

- Easy after-party or after-lunch/dinner clean-up - no more stress or hassle to clean up the table or even a tablecloth - just roll up the tablecover along with the mess and dispose of it.

- Effective protection against stains, spills and scratches

- A generously sized (54" x 108" size) rectangular tablecloth that can cover any table up to 8 feet long

- Great soft paper material feels like a real, high-end tablecloth without the hassle of one

- Comes in an elegant white which is ideal for setting a table for casual lunch/dinner, buffets, brunches or special occasions like shower, birthday or anniversary party

- Durable enough to not wear or tear easily and last through your entire event


Party Bargains offers a comprehensive assortment of plastic party and catering tableware. Their designs range from classic to contemporary; and the products establish tomorrow's trends in today's market. A decade of experience in the disposable tableware industry ensures they know just what the customer wants. Party Bargains standards are set high. The commitment to being at the cutting edge of style and originality without ever compromising on quality or practicality is evident in every one of their products; and their mission is to enhance the most upscale event and please the most discriminating customer.

Party Bargains would like to reassure you that while every dish is disposable our commitment to you is everlasting.

SPRINGROSE Ecoluxe 120 Inch Round White Tablecloth 10 Set | Sleek & Elegant Touch, Crease & Wrinkle Resistant Polyester | For Wedding Receptions, Banquets, Restaurants, Showers, and Parties by SPRINGROSE

  • SET OF 10 TABLECLOTHS WITH SO MANY USES: Explore the versatile...
  • COMPLEMENT ANY TABLE SETTING: Whether you are setting a Christmas...
  • QUALITY FABRIC MADE TO LAST: Made of premium quality Polyester...


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Product Description

Dine With Ease & Elegance! With A Spring Rose/Ecoluxe Tablecloth On Your Table!

Planning a ...

... birthday party?

... joyous gathering?

... wine tasting night?

... romantic wedding reception?

... gender reveal baby shower?

... welcome home celebration?

Make every party you throw a hoot with our sleek round tablecloths. The table setting is now in our hands.

Spring Rose/Ecoluxe tablecloths come in a set of 10 so as to accommodate even your most demanding dining needs. Organizing something bigger than that? Order a few extra more and find your peace of mind again.

Bring Warmth & Beauty To Your Meals!

No matter the occasion, no matter the season, no matter your home décor, our round tablecloths will never let you down.

Made of high quality Polyester, you may rest assured that these table linens are ready to withstand repeated use. Featuring a tight weave, hemmed edges and a generous 120 inch size, our tablecloths give an airy and elegant drape. No matter the table.

From a dressed down family dinner, friends super bowl night and birthday party to corporate meetings, extravagant weddings and charity fundraisings these tablecloths are the way to go.

Any table décor is possible with our white tablecloths. Mix and match with different colors, flowers, table runners, napkins, overlays and other items to create the desired effect.

5 Uses Of A Ecoluxe Round Tablecloth:

· Hide a beaten up or old table.

· Upgrade your home or business décor.

· Host the coolest parties ever.

· Use as a cape, build a fort or even scoop up laundry.

· Change the table setting in secs.

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Wedding Party Plastic Square Disposable Tablecloth Table Cover Red 180cm x 180cm by Rakuten.com

Great for decorating your table. This tablecloth is great for tea parties, dinner parties, restaurants settings, everyday use, indoor and outdoor use, weddings and more. This tablecloth is a convenient way to protect your table from stains and spills while adding a touch of elegance to your table setting. Great for a holiday party, bridal shower, birthday party, or other special occasion.


Amscan 57115.40 3-Ply Apple Red Paper Table Cover - Pack of 6 by Rakuten.com

This is a good quality disposable paper tablecloth with embossed design and plastic lining underneath which prevents the splitting if liquids are dropped on the item. Ideal for parties, weddings and other occasions. Features 3-Ply Table Cover will brighten up every table setting! It features a solid color paper Color - Apple Red Dimension - 14 x 7.5 x 1 in. Item Weight - 0.36 lbs.


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    almond extract, baking powder, flour, egg whites, milk, orange extract, salt, shortening, sugar, sugar

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    Disposable tablecloths will deduct away the need to hire linen at a “do-it-yourself” reception, and napkins are usually throw-away items anyway. It doesn’t cost a great deal to have table linen with a wedding-orientated emulate, or indeed to have the ...

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