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Stock Your Home Set of 6 Vinyl Heavy Duty Comforter Blanket Hangers for Blanket, Quilt, Comforter, Bed Sheet, Table Cloth, Towel, Rug & Sleeping Bag Closet Storage Organization – 40 Pound Capacity by Stock Your Home

  • SPECIAL DESIGN: The open-ended design makes these comforter blanket...



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The Stock Your Home Blanket Hangers are specially designed for
all your quilts, comforters, blankets that are not needed in the
summer months as the weather heats up. Quickly fold up your
blankets and drape them over the heavy duty hanger to keep them
tidily out of the way, but easily access them at the first chill.


The heavy duty, open ended stainless steel design allows you to
easily hang multiple large blankets on the hanger without strain
on the hanger. The vinyl covering on the rod provides traction so
that even the smoothest quilts don't fall off and land on the floor.
The set of 6 provides plenty of space to easily hang and store all
your household blankets.


The design allows for not just blanket storage. Store pants and
tablecloths or whatever else you need to pack away. The open
design and sturdy construction allows for many different
possibilities to fit your storage needs.


Only Hangers Bedspread & Drapery Hangers (Pack of 4) by Only Hangers

  • 22" Length w/ 8.5" Drop
  • Heavy Duty Bar with Non-Slip Rubber Rings
  • Made by Only Hangers



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This hanger 22" hanger allows you to hang your quilts - sheets - curtains - tablecloths - bedspreads - blankets - drapes - duvets and comforters. Sold in Pack of (4) hangers


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Organizing with Bankers Boxes

We are altogether lucky to have a walk-in closet in our guest bedroom, which we've re-named the 'party closet' because it stores all of my party gear. The space is great except every every now I would get something out I found myself having to re-organize the entire closet, which is the last thing I wanted to do on top of cleaning up a party. I decided there was a better way to organize it to make the whole more accessible. Not only does it make it easy to find what I'm looking for, but it no longer looks like a bunch of files stacked in the closet. Storing our party items this way has also been devoted for lending out party items since everything is wrapped-up inside and already boxed. Source: Our Hobby House


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Xmas 2009
Xmas 2009
I can't assume Lionel posted this sad photo of our poor tree. The circles are all paper, cut with a craft punch from last year's and this year's Christmas cards, and some from cleverness paper (our advent calender was made with paper cones from the same paper). Some of them are strung like buttons onto yarn to make a garland, and some of them have a solitary hole with an ornament hanger. Sophie spent nearly every day of December taking the ornaments off and sometimes hanging them back up again. Which is justification enough for having a paper Christmas. The tree skirt, an old rounded linen tablecloth, has been pulled aside by the cats so they can drink the nasty, piney tree water which is apparently tastier than the fresh stuff in the scullery.
Photo by statelyenglishmanor on Flickr
Tent at Southport
Tent at Southport
My set up at the birthday. Like the new sign? The earring rack was made by my lovely husband and I hope to get a detail of all the woodworking on the base. He used the jigsaw that he thought I would mate to use for metal. He is amazing. The rack is spraypainted closet shelving we got at the local Habitat Surplus Store. The bordered table cloths are from Target (on consent too!) I made extra pendant hangers from lucite picture frames with my name on cream paper inserted where the picture goes. The other earring rack is a CD rack (critical tip from Beth!!! Thanks)
Photo by sarawestermark on Flickr
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skirting hangers distressing duty metal skirting hangers handle a 21 foot ...
skirting hangers distressing duty metal skirting hangers handle a 21 foot ...
Textiles should be laid out on a bedsitter clean surface when examining ...
Textiles should be laid out on a bedsitter clean surface when examining ...