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lovemyfabric Cotton 2 Inch Black & White Stripes Tablecloth for Wedding/Bridal Shower, Birthdays, Special Events (58"x76") by lovemyfabric

  • Serged edge for a clean look
  • Poly Cotton 2" Inch Stripes Black and White
  • Manufacture in USA made by lovemyfabric


Product Description

This lightweight and soft lovemyfabric tablecloth in black and white stripes is an affordable table cover guaranteed to add a touch of class and elegance to any wedding or special event. Our tablecloth features a seamless design making it ideal for use at any special occasion venue.

DII Spring & Summer Outdoor Tablecloth, Spill Proof and Waterproof with Zipper and Umbrella Hole, Host Backyard BBQs & Family Gatherings - (60" Round - Seats 2 to 4) Nautical Blue Cabana Stripe by DII

  • FOR MORE DÉCOR OPTIONS - DII offers delightful home & kitchen...
  • ENHANCE YOUR HOME - Instantly brighten dining tables while...
  • DRESS UP YOUR PATIO TABLE - Our 100% polyester tablecloth measures...


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Product Description

DII's zippered umbrella tablecloths are perfect for outdoor use in the spring and summer months. These wonderful outdoor tablecloths zip on and off easily around patio table umbrellas for easy meals outside with shade. The polyester material makes for simple cleanup. Great for BBQ's, parties, summer gatherings, dinner with the family, and more. Sizes are available for any table: 60x84", 60x120", 60" Round and 52" Round. Coordinate with the matching DII Outdoor Napkins for a complete look.

Sleeping Pamper Productions LLC: Using a Tablecloth for a Long Wrap

How to safely sew two halves of an devote tablecloth together to make a long wrap. Be sure your tablecloth is a good weight for a wrap -- it should have.

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Cotton Striped Dinner Cloth Tablecloth Craft Placemats Grey Black 3pcs by

made?of cotton material. Correctly?sewn?with?Mitered?corners,?were?sewn in the?old?fashioned?way gives?a?superior?finish?to?the mat. Easy?Care?Machine?Wash.


Colorful Striped Zippered Round Umbrella Tablecloth 60" Diameter by

Protect and dress up any outdoor table with this beautiful round tablecloth Great for BBQ's, parties, summer gatherings, dinner with the family and more Features an umbrella hole with zippered closure that zips on and off easily around patio table umbrellas Care instruction: machine wash cold separately - gentle cycle - tumble dry low - low iron - or spot clean with a damp cloth Colors: green, white, yellow, blue, coral, red Dimensions: 60" diameter Material(s): polyester



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  • Hot Striped Bass

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  • In haven in Naples, on the pizza path

    03/11/15 ,via Travel Weekly

    My dining companions and I climbed the stairs to a cozy cubicle quarters lit by florescent lights and containing four tables with paper tablecloths ... with its blue-and-white-striped awnings. Inside it makes more of an effort to be decorative than Di Matteo.

  • Department store the Store: John Derian

    02/27/15 ,via

    Colorful bar-printed pillows from India are stacked next to striped linen napkins and tablecloths. And for the couple looking to invest in larger pieces for their new home, the store offers its own silhouette of perfectly sized armchairs, chaises and sofas ...

  • Haste, Costa Diadema: In Naples, maximizing margherita time

    02/27/15 ,via Travel Weekly

    My dining companions and I climbed the stairs to a cozy apartment lit by florescent lights and containing four tables with paper tablecloths ... with its blue- and white-striped awnings. Inside it makes more of an effort to be decorative than Di Matteo.

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What Valentine's day dinner would be unqualified without a multicolored festive tablecloth? I was surprised to see how well the wine glass caught its reflection.
Photo by Jeremy Bronson on Flickr
Photo by quinn.anya on Flickr
Just people
Just people
Photo by Niko Vermeer on Flickr
bardwil linens striped tablecloth
bardwil linens striped tablecloth
Tablecloth Fleet & White Stripe
Tablecloth Fleet & White Stripe
striped tablecloths. unquestionably not enough stripes in me life.
striped tablecloths. unquestionably not enough stripes in me life.
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