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Paper Mario: Sticker Star - 3DS [Digital Code] by Nintendo

  • Its papercraft visual style has been updated to take advantage of...
  • Paper Mario returns, bringing paper-based 2D environments to life...
  • Gameplay in Paper Mario 3DS is similar to that of the original...


Product Description

Paper Mario: Sticker Star is turn-based Action-Adventure game, for Nintendo 3DS that uses the handheld's 3D capabilities to bring the visual style of the Paper Mario game franchise to life like never before. Players must collect, purchase, and create stickers to use in battles to stop Bowser from ruining things. Additional features include: rpg and puzzle-solving gameplay elements, hit point build up tied to stickers found and used, in-game companion "Kersti," explorable locales, and hidden sticker bonus abilities.

Unique Paper Mario action for 3DS.
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An Imaginative Paper Mario Adventure with a Sticky Twist

A sticky situation has never been so fun. There's trouble afoot in the town of Decalburg, where the devious Bowser has disrupted the beloved Sticker Fest by causing the Sticker Comet to explode. Now Royal Stickers and pieces of the comet have been flung far and wide, and it's up to Mario and his ally Kersti to set things right by recovering them. This captivating handheld adventure will have new and experienced fans of the Paper Mario series captivated as they navigate colorful 3D environments, defeat enemies, collect oodles of stickers and items, and use them in a variety of fun ways.

Key Game Features

  • Stickers are the key to this imaginative adventure. Battles are turn-based like in the original Paper Mario game, but instead of an attack menu, Mario whomps on his enemies using a sticker to attack. Stickers not only serve as Mario's attacks, but also help solve puzzles throughout the Paper Mario universe when placed in the correct spots. Stickers can be found and collected from all corners of the world, and the flashier the sticker, the more powerful it is.
  • Mario can also spend coins to use the Battle Spinner, which lets him use up to 3 stickers in one turn if the icons are lined up just right. The Battle Spinner can turn the tide in a difficult battle, so collecting coins through the game to use it is crucial.
  • Paper Mario: Sticker Star players get stronger by beating bosses, finding items and completing side missions for other characters in the game instead of accumulating experience points.
  • As players progress through the game, they'll find and use more powerful stickers to boost Mario's attack power. Players can also find HP-Up hearts to further boost Mario's maximum health.
  • The environments in Paper Mario: Sticker Star come to life in this visually-stunning papercraft world on the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. They also contain a wide range of objects such as electric fans, scissors and radiators that can be converted into more stickers, which can then be used to solve puzzles or win battles as Mario maneuvers through each level.

Additional Screenshots

Turn-based Paper Mario action.
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Search for usable stickers.
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Create stickers from items.
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Varied battle arenas.
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System Requirements:
  • Supported Platforms:┬áNintendo 3DS

Nintendo account required for game activation and installation

3D Paper Mask Animal Head Molds DIY Halloween Party Costume Cosplay Facial Paper-Craft Kit (Monster Red) by Chookie

  • Assemble the pieces using double-sided tape or fast drying glue and...
  • All paper card pieces come pre-print,make the mask by yourself with...
  • The patterns are made to fit an average adult head.


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Product Description

All paper card pieces come pre-print, make the mask by yourself with the installation instructions.
Need a cutting tool, a tape or gluing tabs to build it (not including).
Robust polygon construction to survive the wildest of parties Size fit adult, Ideal for festivals and parties.
Easy assembly in 3 hours or less.
We are only selling Paper Polygon Masks Material kit(an installation instruction + printable paper templates), Not Finished.

The 3D paper molds is a simple and interesting DIY product, Please prepare the glue, small brush, ruler in advance, can be finished quickly. Enjoy the fun of assembly and develop children's interactive skills. There are many different ways to make a paper model: festival performance, wacky photography, improvisation... Give full play to your wild imagination and playful uninhibited.

Material: cardboard
Arts and crafts: pure handmade
Type:3D paper animal molds