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Punk musician Nixie Schmeling is a hundred pounds of Attitude in a city full of Normal. She’s especially full of attitude after she’s volunteered to run Meiers Corner’s inaugural fundraising festival and finds out it’s to pay for a lawyer.

Six foot plus of black-haired, blue-eyed sex-on-a-stick, powerful attorney Julian Emerson has come from Boston to defend the Corners from a shady group of suits—and the shadier gang the suits control.

But even if they manage to succeed, what future is there for a tiny punk musician and a skyscraper blue-blood? And that’s before Nixie finds out Julian’s a vampire.

Each book in the Biting Love series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed in any order.
Series Order:
Book #1: Bite My Fire
Book #2: Biting Nixie
Book #3: The Bite of Silence novella
Book #4: Biting Me Softly
Book #5: Biting Oz
Book #6: Beauty Bites
Book #7: Downbeat
Book #8: Assassin’s Bite
Book #9: Passion Bites

Jumbo Jan Van Haasteren Traffic Chaos Jigsaw Puzzle (500 Piece) by Jumbo

  • Material: cardboard
  • Number of pieces: 500
  • Finished size: 19, 29 x 13, 78 inches


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The royal Jumbo Group develops, manufactures and sells games, puzzles and toys. It also distributes several lines for other companies in its domestic markets. Approximately 130 people work for the Jumbo Group which has its headquarters in zaandam, Netherlands with offices in Belgium, Germany and the UK – each selling to its own market. There is also an export department which handles sales to other parts of the world.

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bald headed princess cancer chemo and courage by Alibris: Books, Music, & Movies

NEW What is a girl with cancer to do? Will her friends still want to hang out with her now that she has cancer? Can she play soccer? How will she deal with being out of school? How will she manage homework from home and the hospital? Can she please get back to a normal life? A life with hair and without chemo? Discover with Isabel that having cancer doesn't have to change who she is: a budding teenager and an awesome soccer princess. Her strength and courage, and fabulous sense of humor, helps carry her though it all. Maribeth Ditmars lives in Sarasota, Florida, and is an elementary school teacher. Her son, Christopher, died of leukemia in 2001. Since then, Maribeth, together with her family, Bob, Jarrod, and Erin, speaks in memory of Christopher and fundraises for cancer treatment and to support affected families everywhere. Ages 8-13. 96 pages. 2010.


serial entertainers passion for parties by Alibris: Books, Music, & Movies

New 'Raise your entertaining ante with Steven Stolman, and make every party an affair to remember. ' You're invited as everyone's favorite 'serial entertainer' returns to share memories, recipes, and photographs from his favorite parties over the years in 'The Serial Entertainer's Passion for Parties. ' Playful yet elegant in scope, these extravagant celebrations leave nothing to be desired, and you'll take it all in from a front row seat. With Stolman's engaging storytelling and signature sense of humor, learn ideas and tips you can integrate into the most meaningful occasions in life: dinner parties, fundraising galas, weddings, and birthdays and the like. New recipes, artful flower arranging, and more is revealed as Stolman divulges the wisdom he has gleaned from party planning over the years. Allow 'The Serial Entertainer's Passion for Parties' to inspire you. There are get-togethers, and there are parties. If you ask Steven Stolman, the former should always become the latter. Steven Stolman was born in Boston, raised in West Hartford, and now divides his time among homes in Florida, New York and Wisconsin. He graduated from Parsons School of Design in New York, he had a career as a fashion designer and was president of Scalamandre textiles house for a time. He is now a designer and a brand strategist. His published works include 'Scalamandre Haute Decor, 40 Years of Fabulous, ' and 'Confessions of A Serial Entertainer. '